RITE-SENSOR Programmable TPMS Sensor Single Unit

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The Best Universal Programmable Sensor

The Best Universal Programmable Sensor

The RITE-SENSOR® from Bartec is a fully configurable and programmable universal sensor. Complete with optional aluminium Clamp-in and black Snap-on valve stems, it works with all Bartec TPMS tools. Designed to replace faulty sensors, without the extra costs of having to buy expensive OE sensors. Ability to cover a high percentage of vehicles with Direct TPMS systems.

RITE-SENSOR® Programmable Universal TPMS Sensor

  • Comes assembled with a rubber snap-in valve
  • Also includes Aluminium clamp-in stem
  • The RiteSensor includes both rubber Snap-On and aluminium clamp-in valve stems to cover different wheel configurations
  • Designed for optimum compatibility with OE & aftermarket wheels
  • Easy use with Bartec TPMS Tools: TECH600, TECH500, TECH450, and TECH350
  • Single part number SKU to reduce stock
  • Extensive range of vehicle coverage
  • One price for universal sensor enables one price for fitting
  • Save time and reduce complexity of TPMS one-stop-shop service
  • Sensor can be programmed after fitting to the vehicle

Kit contains: RITE-SENSOR® assembled with a rubber valve stem, optional aluminium valve stem, anti-rotational pin, User Guide

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