Tool Comparison

  Tech600 Tech450 Tech350
Bartec Unique
Programs RiteSensor®
OBDII Relearns
Direct Wi-Fi Updating
Field Replacable Battery
Wireless Inductive Charging
Process Driven Menu System®
Made in the U.K.
Comprehensive TPMS Audit Report
Wireless Audit Data transfer to TPMS Desktop®
General Function
Diagnostic Trouble Code [DTC] Detection
OE Sensor Activation and Decoding
Aftermarket Sensor Programming
Vehicle Specific Special Functions
Duplicate ID Detection
Low Sensor Battery Detection
Remote Keyless Entry [RKE] Fob
Rechargeable Battery
Bluetooth Connectitvity
Colour Display
On-Screen Vehicle TPMS Data
Displays Tyre Pressure by Location
Multi-Lingual Menu Configuration
Make-Model-Year Setup
TPMS Relearns on the Tool
TPMS ID Read Out Through OBDII
Actual vs Vehicle Stored Sensor Positioning
Stores Vehicle Records On Tool For Quick Look Up
TPMS Supplier Part Number Look Up
UHF Signal Interfence Tester
User Interface
7-Button Raised Button Interface
Colour Display - 2.8" High Resolution
TPMS DT Updating
Visual Tool Repsonse
Audible Tool Repsonse
Haptic (Vibration) Tool Response